How does it work- Find a tasting or tour

Search by city

Choose a location on the start page. The entry page to our service. This can be your current location or any place you want to go. All producers in our database offer tasting or tours. Choose a search circle around this location. The distance options we offer are thought to give you an indication for planing a day or weekend trip. The easy to use, no cost service to locate tasting and tour experiences worldwide.


 Tasting OnMyWay is trying to keep it as simple as possible for you to locate a producer! 


Look for the best spot

Choose the place for tasting or a tour you are interested from the search results. All results displayed are from primary resources. We try our outmost to keep it up to date. Now, have a closer look at the producers. Check their fact sheet, print it out and take it with you. Our site is programmed responsive. You can access it comfortably from your tablet or smartphone.



We are sure on this level you find a producer that will trigger your interest!

Get directions

Get directions how to reach the producer from your search location. Please be aware that geo localization can be a challenge, especially in rural areas. We tried hard to get you as close as possible, but sometimes looking for a street sign or asking a local might just get you closer. Especially in remote areas we strongly recommend to get in touch with the producer upfront.



This is an important step. Your arrival at the site in a relaxed way will improve the experience!

Go taste

Go and enjoy - the best part! Tasting or a tour directly where delicious food and drinks are made. Tasting OnMyWay wants to give users the possibility to find tasting facilities to ‘spice up’ their vacation experience or to intensify their relationship with local producers. Go taste! You can send us a comment afterwards; we like to hear about your tasting or tour experience.



 An easy to use geo locator for tasting experiences. This is what this website is all about!

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