Frequently Asked Questions

Provide an easy to use, no cost service to locate tasting experiences

We figured this would be the standard distance one would cover if you want to spend a few hours, a day trip or organize a weekend tasting tour.

The category ‘others’ contains all the various tastings and factory tours like cookies, olive oil, tea, coffee, salt etc. During our research we found that there is practically nothing out there that cannot be tasted. This is very regional of course. So always check out ‘others’!

We have more than 5.000 producers in our database. Our goal is to grow this to 10.000 plus producers. To achieve this we also need your help. Contact us directly or use our social media to post any tasting/tour experience you would like to share

Please allow us to grow our database step by step. Finding, researching, quality checking and uploading producers is a time intensive process.

There are temporary events like a tasting exhibitions or e.g. a wine festival. We would like to highlight these events. They do not quite fit into the normal search pattern but we want all users to be aware of those events in their search area. Also special other places are starred! 

In some areas – especially rural areas – geo localization can be a challenge. We strongly recommend to always double check with a local source before venturing 'into the wild'. Please note that we cannot take any responsibility in case of problems based on the information provided.

We get our information only from primary resources. We invite all producers to join our project and become a supporter of this database. This will also ensure that the information is updated timely and accurately.

Tasting OnMyWay will give producers the opportunity to further market their tasting facilities, products and any additional services by becoming supporters of the website

For the time being we do not offer an automated/direct rating system. But we are planning to introduce this in the future. You can however, leave us a message with your comments and we will add it at the end of the fact sheet in the segment ‘Tasted’. Feel free to use a 1 to 5 rating system.

Also this feature is not yet part of our service, but we are considering to implement it in the future.

You can use our mail address, the contact sheet on the website and all our social media to get in touch with us. We are present on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and have our TastingOnMyWay blog.

You can use our email address and the contact sheet on the website provided. We have a special segment for producers. We will then get in touch with you and discuss the different options of working together.

We want to establish a network around the tasting experience. Websites that approach products and tasting more from an experience, experimental or ‘have fun and enjoy’ point of view are invited to join us and create a community of taste. Contact us!