About us

What is Tasting OnMyWay?

Tasting OnMyWay is a free geo locator service that helps you find local businesses that host tasting and/or a factory tour at their site, or in a dedicated tasting room. The idea is for you to find a tasting experience near you or on your next vacation. We want to connect you with the producers that create all these wonderful flavors. Many of them have put a lot of effort into tasting rooms or guided tours at their site.  Go there and try yourself! This can be an experience that you will remember for a long time.

Please keep in mind that things can change. Producers need to adjust to seasons and we might not always have the latest info. Also geo localization can be a challenge, especially in rural areas. We tried hard to get you as close as possible, but sometimes looking for the sign or asking a local might just get you closer. The entire project is about experiencing products, flavors and the people around all this.

How does it work?

We are in the process of building the biggest database in the world for tasting experiences. Choose a location on the start page. Choose the distance and the type of tasting you are interested. All results and information displayed is from primary resources and we try our best to keep it up to date. Then you can have a closer look at the producers, check their fact sheet or print it out and take it with you. We let you know where it is necessary to pre book a tour or tasting. Go there and enjoy!

If you want to you can send us a comment afterwards and we will publish it. Further down the road we will develop a more interactive site with more services. But, step by step. If you want to know more about how to taste different products, we are working hard to find the best possible partner websites to allow you to gather more information. Check them out. You might be surprised.

Why we started Tasting OnMyWay?

In summer 2013 we travelled together to wonderful Lago di Garda/Italy. We love travelling (who does not) and also exploring the local food of the area. So when we wanted to organize a visit at a near by sparkling wine producer, it turned out it was not that easy to gather information and get it set-up.

So we sat down, started thinking and sketched our idea on the famous napkin. And we came up with Tasting OnMyWay. In January 2014 we decided to go for it, in February we started to populate our database. And here we are! We have come to realize that this is quite a job, as there are so many amazing producers and sites out there to explore. We have also found vacation ideas for at least the next 10 years.

Tasting OnMyWay some facts

- 5000+ producers in our database

- 65+ countries

- Covering: Wine, beer, spirits, chocolate, cheese, olive oil, cookies

… And growing every day.

We are currently a team from 5 different countries, speaking 9 different languages living all over Europe. So we can provide you with quite a bit of info. This project has become a real passion and we will develop it further, also with your help. Please give us input, inspiration, write comments or tell us if we missed ‘the’ spot. We definitely want to have as much contact with you as possible. You can also use our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts to leave us a message. Share and find new exciting places to visit.

Silvia Corsaro


Silvia is a fierce traveller and coming from Italy she has a natural passion for food and good products. Starting Tasting OnMyWay was only a logical consequence. Silvia is coordinating our data lancers - What a job!

Klaus Leismuller


Klaus started travelling a long time ago (or at least it feels like a long time). After living all over the world and discovering that there is almost always a nice tasting around the corner, he concluded that this needed to be mapped.

Dario Pepe


Dario already runs a successful wine club in Rome and has a broad understanding of consumer producer relations. And… he organized the tour to the sparkling wine producer at Lago di Garda. Thanks Dario!

The team

those are our data lancers

They look for new places, scout the net for tasting and tours and check the sites and quality. Currently we have folks from all over Europe in our team. Want to know more or become part of the team? Contact us by mail or use the contact form.